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If you’re talking during your workout then your exercise intensity is severely diminished!

We’ve all done it, I’ve done it too, yes, even me. There have been times that I’ve gone to the gym and just not felt much like exercising so, my friend and I jump on a machine and talk. I know myself well enough to know that during those times I’m also not getting the best workout for my body however, I am getting a great one for my mouth. Heeheee…..andddd, that’s okay every now and then. Just know that if you can carry on a conversation about your day or whatever is on your mind then you are not working hard enough on your exercise program for that time. And, if you think you are I’m here to tell you that you aren’t, nope, sorry but you just aren’t. You cannot make the connection of mind/body/spirit and really go deep into yourself to pull out the strength it takes to kick some butt if you are focused on your friend’s story. GUARANTEED It’s okay to do this once in a while though as long as you are aware that you can do better and that particular day is just going to be more of an active recovery day. So, moral of story is simple – FOCUS!!!!!

Guess you can tell what kind of day I had with my clients, can’t you?!!!! 😉

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