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Lose weight on vacation

Did you know that you can lose weight on vacation. Have you ever felt that you just could not seem to let go of your never ending ‘to do’ list? You go to bed after a long day of work and it’s the same issue. You think that perhaps you’ll never be able to relax or rest properly. Did you know that chronic stress can damage your DNA!? Yes, it sure can, it’s that bad for your health. It can also keep you from your goals of losing weight or living a healthy lifestyle overall. Relaxation is crucial for healthy living, weight loss and, longevity.  Physical and Psychological repair happens at night in the deep part of sleep cycle. Physical repair occurs from 10pm to 2am and psychological repair happens from 10pm to 6am, it goes with the cycle of the sun. Good quality sleep is key and, having down time is crucial to your weight loss goals. Going on vacation can help you lose weight and become healthier. So many people end up losing weight on vacation because they’re letting go of the stress of their daily ‘to do’s’ and are able to relax and rest. However, if you can’t go on vacation right now here are a few tips to let go at home, get some quality rest and, relax.

Following are some tips to help you de-stress and lose weight:

  • Learn to enjoy the little things and not take life so seriously
  • Do some breathing exercises to help you fall asleep
  • Shut down the computer and turn off the cell phone no later than 6pm
  • Mix in some meditation/prayer or, a good yoga class
  • Indulge your interests – engage your brain fully in something you truly enjoy doing. Ex. cooking, sewing or painting
  • Consider courses in Dance, massage or Art – get the creative juices flowing
  • Retrain your brain – your thoughts are your reality – try neurofeedback if needed

Remember one more thing – you must put forth the effort to get results, it’s a process and you may get impatient trying to silence your brain but, it’s possible to do so whether you initially think so or not. In the end it is well worth it and before you know it these things will come as second nature to you and, you’ll lose weight too. Nothing happens overnight though so again remember that it takes time and patience. Just try.

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