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The top 5 reasons to do the Animal Flow workout

There are a myriad of reasons to try the newest fitness trend, the Animal Flow workout however for my purposes here I will list the top 5 reasons to do the animal flow workout below and then you can decide for yourself if you agree…. but, first you have to try it! It’s definitely one of the most fun new workouts of the past few years that I’ve seen. I became an Animal Flow instructor when it was first offered by Mike Fitch, its creator a few years ago in South Florida. I was looking for something different and heard about a guy who had this class that was very different than other workouts I’d done before. Body in motion is truly my middle name because when I heard about this new workout I got really excited to try it! I love to exercise and love learning new modalities of it so I was anxious to try it.

I have to say that it definitely lived up to my expectations and, it was a lot of fun but also challenging in a good way. I didn’t feel like I was run over by a truck when I was finish but instead felt alive and energized. I found it to be fun, challenging, and interesting. The different movements and ‘flows’ mimic various animals such as ape, crab, or beast that can be done by themselves or included with other strength training exercises to create a circuit or, in a flow that when practiced daily looks similar to a dance…a dance of animals… if, animals ever danced together that is! 🙂

Animal Flow can be done in a class format or on its own, it can be used for a dynamic warm up, active recovery, integrated into your existing program, circuits, skills building or interval training. Although I took my instructors certification a few years ago I am revisiting, relearning and progressing to take Level 2 workshop at the end of February. I’m excited and am also including one of my first practice video’s below, more to come! For now though take a look at my personal top 5 reasons to try Animal Flow.

Animal Flow - beastWhy try Animal Flow

1. Flexibility – most people think of stretching to increases their flexibility but with Animal flow you’re also increasing strength at the same time rather than simply sitting still doing a static hamstring stretch. Flexibility in some joints can be increased through exercise, remember the more you do something the more your body will have the need to become more flexible.

2. Stability – core stability is so important to any movement pattern and in Animal Flow workout it is definitely being utilized. Most people think of the core as simply being the abdominal muscles but in actuality it not only consists of the abdominal musculature but add to that the hip abductors/adductors, hip flexors, pelvic floor, and lumbar spine. The lumbar spine is very important to strength and stability for posture in exercise and sports.

3. Endurance – It’s really important to train the aerobic system during the endurance phase of training and this can be done in a myriad of ways but with Animal Flow you can simply speed up the movements to achieve better endurance for various sports or overall fitness.

4. Fun – It’s fun! Working out can be hard and challenging but if you’re doing something that is also fun then it feels just a bit easier in some ways and exciting in others without feeling like you got hit by a truck at the end of it.

5. Strength – you build a lot of strength by lifting your own body weight and taking it through these various animal flow movements but also from the resistance of pushing your own body weight off the ground.

So, there you have it my top 5 reasons to try animal flow and now it’s time for you to try it! 🙂 Below take a look at a practice flow that I recorded, not the best but it’s a start and you can try it in the comfort of your own living room too. Enjoy!!


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