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Once I started working with Leila, my whole approach to life and living was able to transform!

I started working with Leila to replace my Equinox training package when I moved. I wasn’t super satisfied with traditional training methods and I struggled with body image issues, so weighing and measuring weren’t really working for my mental health. Once I started getting deeper into my practice with Leila, my whole approach to life and living was able to transform. My spine became so much straighter (I have functional scoliosis) and my full body became stronger. I move more comfortably and with more joy. I recommend her services to anyone who’s looking to heal their body and mind and spirit all at the same time.  Cassy

She has eliminated my chronic back pain that I suffered for 6 years!

I’m so grateful I found Leila and I really can’t recommend her enough. I’ve gained at least 10 lbs of muscle in 8 months with her, and that isn’t even what we’ve focused on!
Most importantly, she has eliminated my chronic back pain that I suffered for 6 years. Her knowledge of the body is frankly flabbergasting. She can diagnose your problems just by watching you, then figure out the perfect stretches/exercises to fix whatever’s broken. And several times I’ve tweaked something on my own, only to have her fix it during our next session (always with some new voodoo she learned from an obscure class years ago.)
Seriously, she’s amazing. Alex

Leila is a rockstar!

I can’t say it any other way. I came to Leila early this year looking to help me tone up since I had lost some weight last year by changing my diet, but hadn’t incorporated a steady workout routine. I was looking to lose some more weight, but more importantly gain muscle and look/feel better overall.

Six months later, I feel stronger and more confident than I’ve ever felt! My body is actually getting into shape and it’s awesome. Leila has really helped me learn proper exercise techniques, has motivated me to make better nutrition choices, and has guided me in my transition to living a healthier lifestyle. Above all else, she’s a really cool person to hang out with in the mornings. This has been an amazing experience so far. I’m getting closer to my fitness goals and learning so much about my body and its needs. And I’m seeing results!

I never thought working out could be this much fun. Thanks, Leila.

Gladys Rodriguez


I would recommend Leila to anyone who is serious about getting fit!

I started working out with her several months ago as I wanted to get more toned and fit, while living a busy lifestyle. I am very happy to have found a personal trainer who is an all around coach and doesn’t stop at the one hour workout. She has given me great advice on nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.The focus on posture and incorporating corrective exercises in training has helped me strengthen my weaker areas. I no longer have knee pain when I run, which was my number one reason for giving up training before. I’ve gotten more toned and fit, and I’m actually enjoying my work outs!

Karen Ruizenaar


Leila is an amazing Personal Trainer!

She not only works on your physical body with exercise and nutrition, she also helps you grow spiritually as a person. Leila is very knowledgeable about nutrition which is a huge part of being healthy and is very passionate about her work which makes a great difference with your overall experience. She is positive and fun to work with and she truly cares about her clients’ wellbeing. I highly recommend her; regardless of your fitness level, she is able to work with you to become the best version of yourself. It has been an absolute please working with her.

Rana Radmanesh


Leila Harper was absolutely critical to my new way of life!

She not only helped me get into shape but also helped me to understand nutrition in a whole new way. She delivered results and with in 10 months, I lost 40 pounds, got into shape and have stayed in shape. We started with a plan in September 2004 when I was 185 pounds. She measured me on day one and by the time we reached my goal of 145 pounds, I had lost 33 inches of fat from my body.

Leila is patience, persistent and has a cheery disposition to help you stay on track and does not let you give up.

Thank you Leila and I will always be eternally grateful.

Mojgan Bowers


Leila embodies all of the necessary characteristics of an amazing trainer

The past 10 years as an avid fitness enthusiast has made me realize just how valuable it is to workout with a Personal Trainer who is dedicated, driven and determined. Leila embodies all of the necessary characteristics of an amazing trainer. Leila’s inspiring and motivating attitude, are sure to propel clients to previously unimaginable levels of fitness.

Eric Vogel


Leila is a very knowledgeable trainer who really knows how to change your mind and body when it comes to fitness!

I had tried in the past to work out on my own, but was never able to do it consistently because I lacked the discipline. With Leila, all that has changed. She managed to make working out something I look forward to every week by challenging me to work harder. She started me out at my level and before I knew it, I was doing things I never thought I could.

It is now 8 months later, and the results have been AMAZING! I have shed inches over my entire body and the pounds continue to come off. I cannot wait to see where I will be 3 months from now.

Thanks Leila for the continuous encouragement.

Sherrene Rigby


Leila works with the entire body including all aspects that affect well-being and lifestyle!

I have had the pleasure of training with Leila Harper for almost a year. What makes Leila different from all of the trainers that I have worked with through the years is the variety of knowledge that she possesses. Most trainers work with weight training and related workouts, but Leila works with the entire body including all aspects that affect well-being and lifestyle changes. I feel better than I have in years and I owe that to the dedication of Leila.

Christy G