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Leila is a Holistic Personal Trainer and well-ness coach in Austin, Texas. She does in Person or virtual training.

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Holistic Personal Training

Leila specializes in sculpting the body to suit your unique goals and heal your musculoskeletal aches and pains. She uses different modalities of movements that include bodyweight workouts, strength training, back pain relief stretches, and postural alignment techniques.

If your goal is fat loss, lean muscle gain, healing your chronic back pain or better aerobic capacity, contact me. You will learn core strengthening exercises and specific exercises & myofascial stretches to help with any spinal issues for long term health. Or, perhaps you just want to work on your pull-up gains, there is unlimited and untapped potential waiting for you.

She creates pre and post natal programs to keep you strong during your pregnancy and after deliver to heal a weakened pelvic floor after. There are many specific myofascial stretches and ELDOA exercises to help strengthen and realign the pelvis.

Leila has worked for celebrity trainer Jim Karas at JKPT where she trained one of Oprah’s producer’s at Harpo studios. She went on to further her education in Florida by working for a few years learning more with Dan Hellman. Dan is an incredible Physical Therapist and is well known in the Golf community – he worked with Tiger Woods to help heal his injuries using the ELDOA method as well. She went on to study with Guy Voyer, DO  who created this method and learn about ELDOA to help heal back pain pathologies. Always striving to learn the best methods to help her clients, friends and family.

Leila has decades of experience and education. She has a Bachelor of Science degree, many certifications including the C.H.E.K institute and as an ELDOA trainer. She is certified in a myriad of training modalities including Animal Flow, aging populations, pre and post natal, pelvic floor dysfunction and more.

The ELDOA spinal method is of active postural exercises. They help with postural issues, pelvic floor dysfunction, scoliosis, and other joint pathologies. The primary goal being to increase space within a chosen articulation (joint). ELDOA creates more space for the discs of the spine which improves joint mechanics, increases blood flow, reduces pressure on the discs, reduces pain and hydrates the discs. It is truly the best tool to have in your toolbox for life!

Leila has also written and published an Ebook entitled “I’m Healthy? The Big Disconnect” to help people connect deeper with easy action steps to implement into your daily lifestyle. She has many health and fitness articles that she has written for Active.com and Bahaiteachings.org.

Leila trains her clients in a gym setting and offers packages that include getting into nature to explore athleticism through hiking. She offers in home and online personal training to give you tools for your health and fitness toolbox.

I will help you on your fitness journey and improve your overall health and well-being.Leila

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Phone: 818-272-3459
Email: Leila@sculptedphysiquesbyleila.com

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What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer?

Once considered a luxury only afforded to the rich and famous, having a fitness expert at your personal disposal has now become a way for people of all ages, fitness and economic levels, to make lifestyle changes, create healthy habits and, achieve their health and fitness goals quickly and safely.

Working one-on-one with a personal trainer, whether as part of a group, or in home personal training, will maximize your chances of reaching your goals, and will help motivate you to stick to a regular exercise schedule.

"By carefully assessing your exercise history and current level of fitness, I can develop a safe, comprehensive, and varied program that will keep you from getting stuck at a plateau, and can address a number of different areas, including:"


Leila is a rockstar! I can't say it any other way. I came to Leila early this year looking to help me tone up since I had lost some weight last year by changing my diet, but hadn't incorporated a steady workout routine. I was looking to lose some more weight, but more importantly gain muscle and look/feel better overall. Six months later, I feel stronger and more confident than I've ever felt!

Gladys Rodriguez