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About Leila

When I earned my Bachelor of Science degree at the University of New Mexico I realized a compassion for patients who suffered physically and emotionally from health- related traumas. I then studied additional nursing coursework and sciences, working for many years performing health assessments, education, research, and disease analysis.

While working at the UNM hospital I gradually discovered how these patients come to grips with their response mechanisms to external influences, which facilitates improvement in health.  Many of their diseases and health related problems could easily be resolved with proper nutrition, exercise and mobility.

The process requires knowledge of solutions to serious health related issues, good listening skills and a heartfelt interest in helping people improve their quality of life. I too have struggled with my own health related hormonal problems and spinal issues. I therefore delved deeper into even more studies on healing. Learning holistic and science based techniques such as meditation, nutrition, the ELDOA spinal method, exercise, lifestyle changes and stress management tools.

“I won’t just train your body – I’ll IMPROVE your body from the inside out – a holistic approach to exercise.”

As a youth I was always interested in various athletic pursuits. I spent time doing gymnastics, karate, swimming, roller skating and spent a few months hiking through Utah. I then continued my athleticism throughout my adult years.

My interests were not only in the gym with strength training and conditioning. I participated in Muay Thai, Pilates, Yoga, Animal Flow, Climbing, Hiking, Diving, Aerobic kickboxing, Swimming, Dance (Flamenco, Salsa, Merengue), Running, Bootcamps, Racquetball, Crossfit and anything else that peaked my interest.

I realized at a very young age how perseverance and dedication through physical endurance can help one with self-worth, self-esteem and confidence to be a more productive member of society. I also had a passion to want to help others do the same.

Perhaps for these reasons did I continue educating myself in health and wellness, obtained various nationally recognized certificates as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Animal Flow instructor, Eldoa Method training and, work with a prestigious in- home training agency in Chicago.

A few years after that I moved to South Florida to get out of the cold. There I gained more education with an excellent institute for advanced training and corrective exercise, the C.H.E.K Institute. I continued my hands on training with one of the staff instructors, Dan Hellman with H3 who, also happens to be a brilliant Physical Therapist.

During that time I also took a deep dive into one of the more progressive holistic nutrition programs with a focus on the hormonal system. After some years I decided to relocate to Southern California to be closer to family and, was able to successfully help even more people there. California was great but when the pandemic hit my family and I decided to relocate to Austin, Texas.

As a holistic trainer and health and wellness consultant, I have helped clients from many walks of life from all over the nation to achieve healthier states of living. The sense of personal satisfaction in seeing my clients lose body fat, improve self-esteem, overcome vertigo, bipolar disorders, rehab injuries, or fibromyalgia, fuels my continuing interest in how nutrition and movement affect the human body.

In addition to keeping my own self fit, my continuing education includes informative literature in the social sciences, mental health, energy work, meditation and breath-work for healing. My interests on how diseases begin leads me to learning common and alternative remedies. While at the same time striving to understand the physical, emotional, psychological, socio-cultural, cognitive and environmental components of injury and illness.

I have been a holistic personal trainer and lifestyle coach for over 17 years, and I am very passionate about helping others to get fit and healthy. I work with people from all backgrounds, and understand that each individual requires a unique custom built personal training program to meet their specific needs and achieve his/her unique goals.

I have an extensive amount of education and experience not only with my degree but also C.H.E.K. Level 1 Practitioner, ACE Certified, Animal Flow Certified Instructor, SOMA Golf, ELDOA Method, and more.

I love learning new modalities of exercise and increasing my education in order to further help my clients alleviate their back pain and, other ailments. It also helps me to become healthier as I grow older too. Each cycle we go through creates wisdom to further help people and create a rippling effect of healthier vibrations, that is so needed in the world today.

Don’t forget that it is important to hire a personal trainer that has extensive knowledge, education, and technical skill, so you reach your exercise and health goals as well as, decreasing your risk of getting injured. So, be sure to ask questions!


What is a holistic personal trainer?

The body is a whole organic unit, and my personal training style focuses on the primal patterns (squat, lunge, twist, pull, press, gait, and bend) or integrated movement, rather than just machine training in a single plane of movement.

I teach my clients how to connect and get stronger from the inside out by thinking more positively, feeling and connecting to their bodies through movement, eating good quality ‘real’ foods, decreasing stress, and sleeping better at night to repair.

After all, your thoughts are your reality, so it’s not enough to just lose body fat. It’s a lifestyle change that is aimed at enhancing your overall well-being and quality of life. It is not just for a short term solution to weight loss and exercise but long term health.