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Healthy habits, balance is key.

Healthy habits - balance is keyAnyone who knows me well will hear me say quite often that balance is key to living a healthy lifestyle and, healthy habits. Being too extreme with anything including foods, exercise, religion or any other ideology we tend to latch onto will often lead to unhealthy living. Over the years I’ve tried so many diets such as, Atkins, Gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, counting calories – weight watchers, candida diet, and on and on. I’ve seen friends and family members who count calories, eat low fat, low carb, juicing, cleanses, try HCG diet, just about every new or re-cycled diet out there. The one thing that holds true with all of these things is that they tend to be extreme in one way or the other and don’t last very long plus, the weight lost from doing any of them isn’t sustainable and creates a guilty, yoyo dieting mentality with food which, is extremely unhealthy.

The healthy way to lose weight and live a balanced lifestyle is to take a step back and try to just have a ‘take it easy’ kind of mindset. What do I mean by that? Well, obsessing over anything causes the opposite effect which ends up being quite negative. Your thoughts are your reality and if all you can do all day long is obsess about calories and the foods you eat, you’ll end up being miserable and not living life. Eating real foods, cutting out the packaged and processed foods is a great start to living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight in the long run and not just for the short term i.e., for a wedding or beach vacation. If you can maintain a healthy weight all year round with healthy eating you won’t have to go on a crash diet which ends up damaging your metabolism. Now, I don’t want you to think that a healthy weight is super skinny like one of the runway models, nope, that’s not it. For most people a healthy weight will have a bit of fat on the hips or stomach area because that’s how we are supposed to look, don’t let the airbrushed magazines fool you. A real woman’s body has curves and with curves there is a bit of fat even with the muscle you may have from working out and staying in shape. A natural body with no supplements or fat burners, eating healthy, exercising moderately and enjoying life, should maintain a body fat percentage of no less than 16-18% for women. Anything less than that will be hard to maintain for most women and will mess our hormonal system and let’s be real, we don’t need anything messing with our hormones more than what is already happening to our food supply.

A few tips on how to create healthy habits

1. Change your mindset and think of health as a daily balancing act and a lifestyle change

2. It is not a short term solution

3. It is a process, learn to be patient and loving with yourself during this process

4. Start reading labels and educating yourself on what’s in the foods you eat, if there is a mile long ingredient list you probably shouldn’t be eating it

5. Think of your body as energy that needs the best fuel to keep it functioning well, like your car, you’d never put diesel in a car that ran on unleaded regular would you? So, don’t put Twinkies, cokes and other crappy foods in your body because eventually it will break down too

6. Hydrate, find good clean water and drink it, add some lemon or other fruit you may like to help you drink more of it

7. Eat healthy foods not packaged or processed at least 90% of the time

8. Don’t feel guilty about eating something you think is ‘bad,’ you create a negative association with foods when you do this, just keep trying and remember it is a process

9. Know yourself, get to the root of why you self sabotage if you do and then let it go and create a more loving relationship with yourself

10. Get moving, even if it’s just to go on a walk around the neighborhood to start, the body is meant for movement so get going not to mention direct sunlight will provide the Vitamin D you need 

Try not to obsess over it and just start living a healthier life by creating healthy habits as a lifestyle change and know it’s a lifelong process. Be the best you can be at whatever age you are without comparing yourself to anyone else. The best you can be super strong and confident at any age with proper exercise, mindset, nutrition, sleep and stress management techniques. Start now, you only live in moment you are currently in not yesterday or tomorrow, just in the now.

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  • Rana

    August 19th, 2013

    Great post, and so very true!

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