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How to look younger

Have you ever wondered how to look younger or thought about having something done at your local plastic surgeon’s office? There are a few places in the United States like South Florida and California where it is common to see people in the grocery store, local gyms, at the beach, in the movie theaters or just walking down the street with noticeable visits to a plastic surgeon. With some, it is much more obvious than others because he/she may look like a ‘caricature’ of themselves. It’s a very odd thing to behold, seeing a person who looks so odd due to the plastic surgery that you just want to stare at them to figure out what they had done but of course, you don’t because it is rude. On the other hand I have also seen other types of plastic surgery that, done very tastefully makes the barer of it look much more beautiful or years younger but either way there’s a lot of physical pain and money spent on it. Growing up and seeing how beautiful and gracefully my grandmother and great-grandmother aged I always thought to myself that I wanted to do it the same way as they did. And, so far I’m doing pretty good I think, as I constantly get compliments on how I don’t look my age even getting those looks of incredibility when I disclose my age as if I’m lying for some reason. Following are some helpful tips that I’ve used over the years to help you do the same and to do it all naturally too.

How to look younger

1. Sleep! Yes, that’s right just going to bed by 10pm nightly helps you to not only physically repair the damage you’ve done to your body during the day but also psychological repair. Have you ever noticed a cut you had that after sleeping a full night is better in the morning? Or an ache feels less achy the next day?


2. Water! Your body is made up of mostly water, protein, and fat so you need to stay well hydrated throughout your day but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you just go out and chug gallons of water. No way, please don’t – there is such thing as drinking too much water which can actually slow down your metabolism and overload your cells. Remember you are getting water when you eat fruit, vegetables or other juices during the day which better absorbs into your cells anyway so just be aware of how much you consume from fruits and vegetables as well.


3. Protein! I’m sure you knew that was coming considering I mentioned that the body is made up of protein as well. Adequate amounts of protein can slow down the aging process and help prevent many diseases. Protein stimulates more thyroid to be produced, high levels of thyroid increase calorie utilization as well as the rate of rebuilding body tissue which can result in a younger looking and slender you.


4. Fats! Eating the right fats will help with satiety and metabolism. Stick to cooking with coconut oil if you are going to cook on high heat or 100% raw organic butter. Olive oil for lower heat or drizzled on foods (it will change into a trans fat if heated too high). These fats will keep your metabolism revving on high and happily using calories effectively. Remember our ancestors have been using these fats for a very long time and wasn’t until the past 40-50 years that we’ve had all the problems with heart disease and obesity when other oils started to get popular. Seems like a big red flag to me!


5. Stress management! Stress comes in different guises – mental, nutritional, physical, environmental, and chemical. With all of these stressors in our lives what can we do? Coping skills are needed to combat them. Meditation is a great way to stay calm and reflect on what’s important not to mention getting the mind to quiet down. Realizing that the things we worry so much about really are just drama that we create in our minds and not reality. So just let it go and have some faith that things always end up working out the way they are supposed to in the end.


6. Makeup! – always take your makeup off at night and wash your face. Remember that your body does its physical repair at night so your pores need to breath and it is your face that people look at first.


So there you have it start today by getting to bed by 10pm on a consistent basis and you’ll be well on your way to looking years younger in no time!


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