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Need a new exercise routine

Need a new exercise routine? Are you working out as much as 4 times or more a week and although you’ve made progress in the past you feel that you have hit a wall. Following are some tips to jump over this hurdle and incorporate a new exercise routine. I’ll also provide an exercise routine you may really enjoy to help you with your fitness goals.

1. Evaluate the other things going on in your life. If your life is so cluttered with a ‘to do’ list you may not have enough energy for your workout and your body may not have the resources to recover properly, so you don’t get stronger, you actually get weaker and hold onto fat around your middle section.

2. Make sure you are not overtraining. You may not be resting enough between your various exercise routines and or, are working out too often. If you were able to lift x amount of weight and now it’s dropped 10pds and you are irritable and fatigued it may be due to overtraining. You need to take a few days off or even a week (even athletes take a full week off). Walk instead or wade in the pool or ocean (more of a work in than workout).

3. Find a certified trainer. If you are overtraining you may need advice from a professional. Don’t be afraid to ask somene at your local gym but be sure to ask about their credentials and experience first because not all trainers are created equal and I’ve seen a lot of bad ones.

4. Review and Evaluate your technique. If you are too tired to do the exercises with correct form you may not be targeting the muscles you want. Ask a fitness professional to take a look at your form and give you some feedback if necessary.

5. Look at your training progression. There is a sequence to follow to avoid pain and injury, and to build efficacy. You should always start a new exercise routine slowly and learn to listen to your body.

6. Consider periodization. Periodization is changing variables, sets, reps, the order of exercises, the speed and type of muscle contraction. The idea is to keep shocking the muscles with variety and progression, and give them rest, so they will adapt and become strong.

7. High intensity interval training. Try working out high intensity interval training it engages both the fast and slow twitch muscle fibers rather than just the fast twitch fibers.

8. Make sure you are eating properly. I know there is a lot of mixed messages out there on healthy foods. Consult a nutritionist or try different things to see what is best for you if necessary. Each body is different so what works for your friend may not work for you. The important thing is to heal the gut so figure out what is bothering your stomach and heal it.

9. Add some plyometrics to your training. Squat jumps for example are a plyometric exercise. These are for more advanced exercisers but beginners can do some less advanced moves. The idea is to totally fatigue your system, to challenge the muscles in new ways, which will stimulate hormone production.

10. Be realistic about your goals. If you have 40 pounds to lose you won’t do it in 3 weeks and be healthy, it is important to be realistic to avoid frustration. Nothing happens overnight so be patient with yourself and the process.

New exercise routine

walking lunges

1. Trampoline jumping — 3 minutes

2. Walking lunges with bicep curl – 20 reps

3. Plank knee to elbow – 20 reps

4. Squat w/bicep curl and press – 20 reps

5. Low Squat shuffles side to side – 1 minute

Do this fun circuit outdoors if possible 3-4 times with a rest break of about 2-3 minutes after each circuit to recover. You’ll start to see results again and you’ll have some fun doing it. Put on your favorite music on your Ipod and enjoy doing this great new exercise routine on your own or with a friend. Have fun!



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