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Best bodyweight butt and leg workout

No equipment, no problem! Take a look at one of the best bodyweight butt and leg workouts to sculpt your lower body and, you can do it in the comfort of your own home without equipment or, on your next business trip in your hotel room. These 4 exercises done in a circuit format are not only fun but will help you on your journey to sculpting your butt and lower body for summer.

Keep in mind that your butt is not meant to be sat on all day long at work or school. You have to be careful or it might forget its purpose in life if not used properly and being sat on all day definitely isn’t it! Your Glutes.. aka butt is the largest muscle in your body thus, it needs your attention ASAP if you plan on wearing those shorts this summer or, bathing suit. Don’t worry most of the exercises in this workout will also work your legs since, they are attached to your butt!

You can do this workout a couple of times a week along with biking, jump rope or sprints outdoors if you’re tired of being cooped up indoors not to mention, it’s beneficial to your health to go outdoors. It is good for restored mental energy, stress relief, reduced inflammation, increased Vit D production, and immune system boost just to name a few so, as you can see it’s a great benefit for your health to get outdoors for additional exercise along with doing this fun butt and leg workout. You can actually do this outdoors as well if you’re feeling adventurous.

No equipment…no problem!


Video for bodyweight butt and leg workout

Here is a visual for the above workout. Hope you enjoy the workout and get a more sculpted lower body, increase your strength, and, feel better overall with more energy because you’ve taken the step to start exercising consistently with no more excuses because you don’t want to go to the gym.!


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