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Consistency is key

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Key to any successful fat loss program is CONSISTENCY

science of exerciseBeing in this business has its pros and cons and it’s not always an easy business to be in even though, some people think that trainers simply count reps for their clients and they could probable ‘just go lift weights’ by themselves. There is so much more to it than that and yes, science. Of course, then those same people have a hard time reaching their own goals; are not consistent, get injured, and become so frustrated they give up too soon. The key to any successful fat loss program is consistency.

Before I start with a potential client I do a consultation with the person to gauge their level of commitment, to see if we are a good fit, and see if they have realistic goals. Their goals will range from losing fat, gaining muscle to getting more energy, sleeping better, balancing mood, sculpting their bodies or getting ‘healthier’ overall. Of course, I believe them to be sincere because I’m sure they must be telling me their deeper truth during this talk , their personal frustrations and oftentimes, the deeper emotional part of simply being unhappy with their bodies and themselves. At this point if we are a good fit I get really excited knowing I’ll be able to guide them on their health and fitness journey.

The first 2-4 weeks are usually pretty great. A small percentage of them will give me a food log but most will do the additional “homework” such as going walking or doing the prescribed ELDOAS to help their back pain I. Others will struggle more with anything additional but since habits take time to develop I try to be patient and understanding. I don’t want them to feel bad because the truth is there is also a fair amount of deeper emotional and psychological issues that they may be dealing with too. Issues that are always reflected in the body if ignored for too long. But again the key here is consistency to not give up when things get harder on that deeper level. To face your fears and work past that uncomfortable point within.

Pushing through that superficial point of good pain or the ‘burn’ from exercising to that deeper place inside where that inner strength comes to the surface can be quite challenging for people. There can be inner turmoil and self-worth issues from childhood to be dealt with that the physical discomfort of the exercise can bring up. Regardless of these possible set-backs and obstacles the key to any successful fat loss program is consistency. I reiterate this point a lot because I’ve seen so many people start a program with determination but drop off when things get too “tough.” It takes 60 days to make a habit so once you start don’t stop. It’ll become like second nature before you know it….like drinking your morning tea or coffee. 😉

Consistency is the key even when it’s uncomfortable from that deeper place you may want to avoid. Consistency when you’ve got too many obligations at home to deal with. Consistency when you want to skip your workout because you’d rather sleep that extra couple of hours even though you’ve already slept enough. Consistency when you’ve got a little sniffle that you think might lead to a cold but really is just a drip from an allergy or, possibly food intolerance. Consistency when you are being too lazy but could easily go for a few mile walk in nature. Consistency when you are moody. Consistency when you think you can’t find time because of work but in reality moderate exercise is 2-3 hours out of your entire week of 110 hours of wake time, that’s very little. Consistency when you are ‘hangry,’ whatever the excuse you create in your head the key to a successful fat loss program is consistency.

I hear all of these excuses and more. And truly, I just don’t get it I don’t understand how people can tell me that they want one thing and then do another or, simply not do what it takes to reach their goals…the goals they say they want so badly and that will make them feel so much better. I think about this problem and wonder where it stems from. Is it an issue that comes from our instant gratification type of society? So many messages come across to people from the media outlets about losing weight in 2 weeks or, gaining muscle in ‘just 5 days’ that people think this is true and that they don’t have to do any work to get ‘there.’ It’s sad. Most things in life worth having are attained by working hard for it because that also creates strong character and inner strength in a person. Have people forgotten what hard work is? Are we such a coddled people that less and less people work hard to reach their goals but instead are scheming for that easy way around it?

Exercise outsideOr perhaps, another possibility is that everyone is just too ‘busy’ and worn out even though creating a healthy lifestyle with exercise will help. Over the years all of my clients, friends and family members oftentimes feel much better overall when they start their programs. They lose some fat, their clothes fit better, their energy is improved, their sleep is better, they are more productive, their mood has improved and so much more . . . as long as they stay consistent. I’ll say it again the key to a successful fat loss program is consistency and there is no way around that in the long term.

 Top 4 ways to become consistent with your workout

  1. Just do it! If you’re busy love to plan things, you work best with a strict schedule then schedule your workout it into your weekly calendar. 30 minutes is better than 0 minutes if, that’s all you have.
  2. Be active with your family. If you have to figure out how to be more active for yourself but also need to spend quality time with your family take them on a hike, to a park to play games or, swimming. Figure it out and have fun.
  3. Take part of your lunch time and walk. Go outside if possible and walk for half hour then eat your lunch for the 2nd half hour. If it’s too cold find some stairs in your building and walk those for 20-30 minutes then eat.
  4. Don’t give up. Just because you get a cold doesn’t give you an excuse to throw all your hard work away. It’s just a cold and most of the time if you get some activity in when it’s the last part of your cold you’ll feel better. And, just because you travel for work a lot isn’t a viable excuse either as there are gyms in most hotels. Get creative.

4 Responses

  • Kristian

    November 8th, 2015

    Really nice article!

  • Sculpted Physiques

    November 9th, 2015

    Thank you!

  • Val

    November 24th, 2015

    that article hit a spot for me. There is def self esteem and excuses that get me. I am revising my goal from a weight loss number to a consistent number of days doing some kind of exercise. I am what’s holding me back. Nothing else. Really great article!!!!

  • Sculpted Physiques

    November 24th, 2015

    That’s great! I’m glad it inspired you to re-focus on your goals. 🙂

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