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Partner workouts

Partner workouts can be a lot of fun with the right person. Grab your best friend, spouse or partner and get your sweat on together and, have some fun because daily life can be challenging and exercising is a great release for the hard times. Exercise has so many great benefits including helping to stabilize your mood, mental clarity and improve sleep quality to name but a few.

What better way is there to connect, get closer, get healthier and have a good time than with partner workouts?! I now there are a lot of other ways to connect with loved ones too but, if your goals for the New Year are to get healthier and more fit ..why not do it with exercise?! For a lot of women the group classes are the perfect way to socialize while simultaneously burning calories and getting stronger. There are other fun things to do together too if you prefer not to go to group classes or join a gym.

Below are some great suggestions of things to do with a partner to increase your activity level and get healthier overall. I’ve also included a challenging but fun partner workout below that you can do in the comfort of your yard, house, beach or anywhere with enough space to do so. Heck you could even meet in your office if there’s space during lunchtime and get your sweat on. I personally love working out alone connecting to my music if I’m on a lifting day however, there are times when it’s also nice to have a friend or partner to connect with such as for walks, hiking or camping. It is also a great way to kill two birds with one stone not only will you reap the benefits of working out yourself but you can catch up with those you haven’t had time for lately due to busy schedules.

Partner exercise suggestions and community building

  1. Hire a Personal Trainer to kick your butts! 😉
  2. Camping and hiking trips are great plus you can invite as many people as you’d like or go online and find a group to join such as on www.meetup.com.
  3. Help bring awareness to your favorite charity group that involves a lot of physical activity such as Habitat for Humanity or Humane society where they raise money by doing walks or 5ks with pets.
  4. Join a food co-op, where you can exchange physical labor for great discounts on organic food in addition to meeting like minded people
  5. Sign up for a local sports league such as softball or kickball. I have been on a softball league and volleyball league where I have met some really fun people.
  6. Take lessons such as scuba diving or dance like, ballroom or salsa.
  7. Coach a youth sports team. Not only will you get some exercise but it is gratifying to your spirit plus you’ll meet great kids and parents making a positive difference in their lives.
  8. Host a game night at your house – poker or board games can be a lot of fun! It may not be as physically stimulating but, if you play charades you certainly can get more physical activity too not to mention the laughs will get your abs working. 🙂

Partner workout

partner-workouts-table Anaerobic exercise

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